About Us

RDR Capital is a research-based quality investor. We manage a portfolio focused on global public equity markets. Until 31 December 2018, we also managed a second portfolio  focused on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) public equity markets.

Our investment philosophy is quality based. That is, we invest in quality businesses with a long term view. Our process uses fundamental analysis to identify companies with strong quality characteristics including dominant market positioning, a stable balance sheet, strong profitability and a credible management.

RDR Capital was founded in 2016 by Samer El Khatib. Samer has been investing in global markets for more than a decade and has been covering/investing in the MENA public equity markets since 2005, including being responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars of equity investments in MENA through a Global Emerging Markets fund based in London. Born and raised in Beirut, Samer’s professional career started in accountancy, having studied and worked in both Lebanon and the USA. Samer’s deep interest in public equity markets, especially their impact on capital flows and the development of emerging economies, led him to pursue a career change in to finance, through a graduate degree in finance from the London Business School, and a career in investment banking and asset management in London.